BootCamp is an all level, high energy, fun and exciting class.
We focus on building muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardio strength and endurance.
We believe in building your life-long functional foundation while helping you achieve your goals.
Each class has a fitness level and a performance level workout to meet your individual needs.

This is a traditional CrossFit class and all levels are welcome.
Each class begins with focus on Olympic lifting and strength building followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning workout.
Beginners and Expert CrossFitters are welcome.
All CrossFit classes contain a Fitness and a Performance level workout to meet each individuals needs.



Cardio and Core is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class focusing on building cardio endurance and strengthening your core.
The powerhouse of your body is your core. Strong core, strong body is our belief.
Every workout is a new and different way to blast calories, build your cardio, and dig deep to find those inner core muscles.

Movement and Mobility

Our Coach Dimple, utilizes years of therapeutic experience as a myofascial release therapist in this highly beneficial class incorporating stretching techniques, myofascial rebounding and movement therapy.
Learn how to enhance strength and decrease pain with proper biomechanics, improved flexibility and heightened postural awareness.


FitCamp combines the best of both worlds here at Urban Total Health and Fitness.
Each class provides you with the ultimate choice in your workout that day. Do you want strength, cardo, endurance, both?
You get to choose.
Saturday FitCamps allow you and a partner to chip away together to maximize your workout hour.
Weekday FitCamp lets you choose and focus on your goals.

Open Gym

If you missed class today, you feel like doing your own thing, or you want to get some extra work in, Open Gym is for you.
Our coaches provide a daily workout if you need some motivation, otherwise the gym is yours!
(One of our coaches will be in the building during open gym time and are available for questions/concerns however, please note that this is an "unsupervised" workout)

Strength and Mobility

Learn how to increase strength and force production through joint mobilization, spinal mechanics and proper breathing technique.


Assessing and correcting faults and restrictions will enhance self confidence, increase athletic potential and minimize injury.


Perfect for athletes looking to get past a performance plateau.


Fitness is 20%

 and Nutrition is 80%.

Our Health and Wellness coaches show you the steps to take as you exit the gym that promote weight loss, lean muscle building, and the way to achieve lifelong health for you and your family. We offer meal plans, support, and daily check in's to help sustain healthy eating habits.

Strength & Stretch

An all over body, mind, feel good class. Combining athletic influences with group fitness and yoga experiences to create a class that is stretching to your breathe, holding poses while incorporating strength moves using your own body weight, with a 5 minute savasana at the end.


BoxFit will burn fat and build strength.


Your workout will be a combination of boxing intervals and strength exercises.

This class is sure to increase cardio endurance, balance, speed, agility, and overall fitness.


 This session will improve muscle length and endurance of muscle tissue, while increasing joint mobility. More mobility means more gains.This class will help increase endurance, build strength, prevent injuries, and may even stave off heart disease Each class is designed specifically for MEN. It’s structured and built around strength, stability, and mobility without the yogic spiritual philosophy.


This is a full body workout reaching anaerobic thresholds, and maximum strength. We combine strength, cardio, and HIIT to target your entire body.We End the session with heavy stretching which helps facilitate faster muscle recovery, flexibility and mobility.