Terri Urban

I consider myself a lifetime athlete with a love and passion for health, wellness, and nutrition.

I have completed 2 full marathons, numerous half marathons,10k and 5k’s, and many agility races.

I am a Master's Athlete and have a deep love for CrossFit and the methodology behind it.

It is very fulfilling for me to help athletes push themselves every single day to achieve their goals.

My drive and passion is watching an athlete go from beginner to performer, and gain confidence and strength within themselves.

I am surrounded by strong coaches who share this love and passion for helping others with me. It is our goal at UTHF to ensure that every member feels welcome, validated, pushed, supported, loved, and a part of a team and family working toward whole health.


CrossFit L-1 Trainer

CrossFit L-2 Trainer

AFPA Personal Trainer

AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Coach

FMT Certification

B.S. Education

Donna Levy

Donna is an energetic Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer with a strong background in Athletic Sports Performance Training focusing on strength, endurance, speed, agility, quickness, power and explosive training. She's a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well a NASM Youth Exercise Specialist. 

Her background in Sports Performance Training goes back to when she was a standout Track and Field Collegiate athlete who specialized in hurdles and competed in the Heptathlon. Donna also conducts adult and youth personal training, as well as group and BootCamp training. Donna is a passionate, highly motivated trainer who wants to help others reach their health and fitness goals, promote activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies.

Dimple Sy

Dimple is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She's also a CrossFit

L-1Trainer and a JFB trained/certified Myofascial Release Therapist. She has 18 plus years of successfully working with clients to reach various accomplishments including pain management, weight loss, strength and performance training, and attaining their personal marathon and triathlon goals. Dimple's passion for helping her clients lead a more pain free and mindful way of living has led to her holistic approach to coaching. She loves incorporating connective tissue mobilization techniques into her training/classes to allow clients to slowly gain more confidence in their own individual biomechanics.

Kristy Dietz

Kristy (Dietz) is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and has a clinical background as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Her clinical experience is in Neurological-rehabilitation and Physical Disabilities. 

Although, she is a novice to teaching Group Fitness at Urban Total Health and Fitness, she has a broad knowledge of human anatomy and function and has been passionate about boot camp style fitness for more than 6 years.  


When she's not at the gym, Kristy loves spending time outdoors running, hiking, biking, and skiing; especially with her husband, two children and their dog.  She has completed four marathons; three 17-mile mountain trail races; numerous half marathons, 10k and 5k races. 


AFAA/Group Fitness


Stacie Nevins

My name is Stacie Nevins and I’m super pumped to be one of your coaches at Urban.

Sports and competition have been apart of my life since I can remember. Currently, I play in a soccer league every Monday night. Playing soccer, competitive sports and workouts are my passions BUT coaching gives me the ultimate rush. My main goal is to make sure when you walk through our door, you strive to be the best version of YOU! 

I coach boot camps, HIIT classes, circuit training, kettlebell, personal training, and boxing classes. Let’s start your fitness journey now! 

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”!


DePaul University

AFAA certified/CPR/AED


Amy Ratnow

I’ve practiced yoga and group fitness since 1998, and fell in love with the way breathing and mindful movement made me feel.  After years of competitive sports in college and post college, I’ve learned the importance of stretching, and focusing on small movements to build strength and mobility. I encourage mindfulness to create the whole mind body connection. I use my 20 plus years experiences to incorporated classes that will challenge you to tone and restore your body, leaving you feeling healthy from the inside out. When I’m not teaching I’m either working at my staffing company or spending time with my husband Mitch, and my three children Shep, Brock and Devyn. 

Nikki Gay

Hello! I’m Nikki Gay. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and have 4 children. I began practicing yoga in early 2005, shortly after our second child was born. It was an hour where I could concentrate on me. I was hooked immediately. I loved how I felt both physically and mentally after an hour on the mat. During one of my breaks from yoga, due to pregnancies and littles at home, I started running. While I enjoyed the exercise and solidarity of a run, I never really felt like I did after yoga. I was able to start practicing yoga again consistently in 2013. When I began working out with Terri in 2015, I realized how much my time on the mat helped. I am able to stay flexible, and stretch out the soreness and tightness from the bootcamp or CrossFit workouts. Terri’s workouts have also helped me on the mat. I am able to hold poses longer and performing strength poses are easier. I went through yoga teacher training the summer of 2018. The biggest reason for getting certified was to pass along the joy I experience every time I step foot on my mat.

Lisa Seebacker

Lisa is a part-time coach at UTHF, wife and Mother of two , Breast Cancer survivor and you will see her working out aside the members most days of the week. She has held a passion for health, nutrition and exercise since she was in her early teens. Starting with a decade of playing soccer year round in her childhood, she has committed herself to being a lifelong recreational athlete. Lisa is a Masters CrossFit Athlete, has challenged herself with competing in Sprint and Olympic Triathlons, Marathons, 5k and 10K’s, and has completed several Spartan and Tough Mudder races. She is committed to the “U” family and enjoys not only pushing herself but others to meet and exceed their personal goals.